Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders

“Meridiano Tépido - Unipessoal Lda” (TM ProHydraulics) supply hydraulic cylinders according to the requirements of our customers, as well as a wide range of hydraulic cylinders with standard dimensions.

The line of products that we offer includes:

  • single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders of different lengths, diameters, and applications,
  • telescopic hydraulic cylinders,
  • large-scale hydraulic cylinders,
  • high-pressure cylinders.

The main characteristics of hydraulic cylinders that can be produced and supplied by our company:

  • Chrome rod diameter: 8-300 mm,
  • Maximum installation length of hydraulic cylinders: 7000 mm,
  • Hydraulic cylinder piston diameter: 25 ÷ 500 mm,
  • Stroke of hydraulic piston: 6500 mm,
  • Nominal pressure: 100-500 bar.
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