Almond shelling plants

New technologies. Very small overall dimensions. Good production. Excellent processing quality 

SELECTOR 500 maximum production 500 Kg/h

SELECTOR 750 maximum production 800 Kg/h

SELECTOR 1000 maximum production 1100 Kg/h

SELECTOR 1500 maximum production 1700 Kg/h

The plant shown above (No. 5) is a four-cylinder rotating shell breaker

Maximum production: 2,000 Kg/h of almonds in shell.

rotating shell breaker

  1. Big Bag holder support
  2. Small hopper and screw conveyor
  3. Elevator
  4. Hopper loading pipes
  5. Shell cracking device
  6. Extraction screw conveyor
  7. Shelled product elevator
  8. Selector feeding pipe
  9. Selector
  10. Cyclonic separator for further shell removal process
  11. Cyclonic separator for recovered fruits
  12. Сyclone for the suction of light shells
  13. Cyclone for the recovery of fruits from the sieve
  14. Fourth stage
  15. Fruit selectors sieve
  16. Fruit output
  17. Electrical panel

Besides being rather compact, the selector makes it possible to open all the doors on both sides

rotating shell breaker 2

Outside the casing are located:

  • the fourth stage
  • the selector sieve
  • the material outlets:
    • fruits collected in two sizes by sorting during the processing    
    • almonds that are not totally shelled    
    • small and broken fruits   
    • shell granules.

The almonds that are not completely shelled account for a minimum amount and must be sent back to the shelling machine for further shell removal during processing.

rotating shell breaker 3

On the casing located next to the fourth stage there are three keypads with displays for the control of the revolutions that allow the adjustments of the first, third and fourth stages in order to obtain an optimum separation between shells and fruits. The other keypads are located on the casing near the other selection stages.

rotating shell breaker 4

Immediately above the sieve there is a duct where the fruits from the fourth stage are conveyed; a valve is operated by the operator so that the flow is diverted to bring it back to the first stage: this operation must be carried out when the machine is not running at full capacity.

rotating shell breaker 5

On the opposite side of the plant there is a second selector for the recovery of the fruits that are still between the shells before being removed. A screw conveyor transfers the shells outside the building.

rotating shell breaker 6

The length of the screw conveyor can be varied according to the transfer point of the shells.

Rotary cylinder shell breaker

rotating shell breaker

This new system of cylinders makes it possible to manufacture a series of machines with production capacities suited to the different user needs. The one we can see above is a four-cylinder machine, whose production capacity can vary from 800 to 2,000 Kg/h according to the capacity of the selection plant. Rotary shell breakers can also be produced with a single cylinder with production capacity from 250 up to 500 Kg/h, or up to a maximum of 8 cylinders with a maximum capacity of 4,000 Kg/h.

rotating shell breaker

As can be seen, there is an accumulation hopper for the shelled almonds located on the lower part of the machine; in the lower part of the hopper, a dosing screw feeds the cylinders, which in turn unload the shelled product from the lower collection hopper, conveying it to the transfer screw. The machine is supported by four vertical uprights, whose lower ends include flanges especially designed to allow the machine to rest on floor and equipped with levelling screws and locking holes by means of plugs.

rotating shell breaker

Main features of the cylinders:

  • outside diameter 600 mm
  • inner roller 300 mm
  • length 1,200 mm
  • 5 bars for each cylinder that can be easily adjusted by bringing them closer to the roller or by moving them away from, respectively, it in order to optimize production while leaving the product intact.

Thanks to innovative technical solutions and various tests carried out specifically by the company, significant interventions have been put in place leading to an improvement in the cylinder diameter and in the type of grooves in the roller; particular shapes in the bars allowed increasing production without damaging the fruits. Mechanical innovations integrated into the control of the electronic system made it possible to achieve the best results - even when varying  the number of revolutions of the roller and of the feeding screw - very easily directly from the electrical panel. In the event of presence of any large foreign bodies inside the cylinders, the grids of the latter can be easily opened or disassembled in no time. An important precaution that allows increasing the machines’ performance is the use of transmissions with geared motors in oil bath.

rotating shell breaker

Main advantages:

  • there is no need to humidify the almonds
  • the fruits do not need to be dried after selection
  • there are no problems with the husk
  • no problems are involved for the working cycle due to the presence of any small pieces of branches.

These and other optimizations make these machines very advantageous and profitable.

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